Ackerman Oil Company Inc.

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Ackerman Oil is proud of our alignment with Sunoco, the official fuel of NASCAR. As an ISO 9000 Quality Certified Organization, Ackerman Oil is choosy about the companies we represent and the products that we distribute. Sunoco is a trusted name with great products sold and distributed thru fine retailers.

Quality Controls

Ackerman Oil is serious about our responsibility to deliver only guaranteed quality products to our customers. To allow us to excel in these efforts, each of our bulk trucks used for commercial and farm delivery is equipped with on board 2 micron filtration to ensure that the product that we deliver is as clean as possible when delivered to our customer's storage tanks. In addition, we collect retain samples from every delivery of diesel that are submitted for random quality testing.

Alternative Fuels

Ackerman Oil is equally proud of our position as Southwestern Indiana's leader in advancing alternative fuels including ethanol, biodiesel, and propane. When many others were simply discussing biofuels, we were moving forward to bring supply and distribution to our customers.

Bio Fuels

Our retail partner, Circle A, offers E-10 gasoline, E-85 Flexible Fuel, Biodiesel, and Propane as motor fuels to meet the needs of a variety of customers. Bulk delivery is available in quantities of 150 gallons to full transport delivery. Our early leadership in alternative fuels uncovered various challenges to the advancement of biofuels which brought us to another first: 2 micron on the truck filtration. This ensures that the fuel we deliver meets or exceeds the manufacturing specification of the fuel required for your vehicle. We back this up with our retain sample program which allows us to verify the quality of the products that we are delivering.

Bulk Delivery

Our product slate of fuels includes conventional gasoline, E-10 ethanol blended gasoline, E-85 for Flex Fuel vehicles, leaded Race Gas, 15 ppm Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel, B-2, B-5, or B-20 Biodiesel blends, B-99 Biodiesel, Kerosene, On Highway and Off Highway Diesel Fuel, Dyed Heating Fuels, and Propane. We believe that no one can give you as much choice in available fuels to meet your needs.

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