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Going Green and Saving Fuel

As fuel prices return to higher levels, even a small increase in fuel economy can pay back big dividends.  Numerous studies have documented an increase in fuel economy of 1 to 3 percent or more from the use of a semi synthetic or full synthetic engine oil.  If your 18 wheeler is currently averaging 6.25 miles per gallon and you save 1.50%, you could gain a tenth of a mile per gallon.  May not sound like a lot, but over 40,000 miles just a 1/10th of a mile per gallon increase reduces your fuel spend by 100 gallons or $300 which more than offsets any increased cost of lubricant.

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Duron Challenge

Duron Heavy Duty Engine Oil is Petro-Canada's high quality lubricant for heavy duty diesel engines designed to meet or exceed today's tough standards. Duron was designed using 99.9% pure HT base oil and specially selected additive technology to fight soot, and protect your precious metals. This translates into extended drains and fewer engine deposits than lower quality products.

When you agree to participate in a Duron Challenge, Petro-Canada will put its oil to the test in your fleet by providing a drum of oil and oil analysis at no cost to the customer to run a side by side test to demonstrate the product quality. Program limitations including an agreement of challenge and annual lubricants volume of 1000 or more gallons is required to qualify for the Duron Challenge program.

For details, call your Petro-Canada Distributor, Ackerman Oil, 800-880-6666.

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